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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
We all have some fantastic women in our lives. We love them! We cherish our moms, grandmas, teachers, friends and relatives. We love and appreciate our neighbors & coworkers. We like the woman we buy our groceries from and the cashier who rings up the sale. Now is the time to show we care about them by bringing their attention to the fact that October is breast cancer awareness month.

Wearing a pink ribbon is a reminder of that and it might be a good trigger for striking up a conversation about the topic. Then we can encourage them to get a breast cancer exam. Men & women, let's make sure that all the women in our life get a breast exam this month or at least reserve one for the next. Some men also get breast cancer so doing self exam is a good idea and consulting a doctor is, also.

I am passionate about this topic as I lost someone I loved very much, to breast cancer. Tragically, no doctor could save her. I promised that I would do something so fewer women would die of breast cancer. One is way to talk openly and often about breast cancer awareness with everyone because silence is not helping. Many women get breast cancer and the longer it goes undetected, the more likely that it might be too late. Often it takes years of suffering before they succumb to the disease and die. This is what happened to my wonderful mentor and friend, whom I adored. I miss her. If we can prevent another death, let's do it. The way is simple:

All women need to get a breast ultrasound as it might save their life. Ultrasounds are painless, quick and can detect some abnormalities. They are recommended for women of all ages, but they are especially fit for younger women in their 20's, 30's. Mammograms are also recommended, especially for women in their mid 40's and upwards. I think it is our duty as family, friends and acquaintances to encourage them to go for one. And of course, we must be the first one to go. I did today. I had a mammogram and a breast ultrasound. Hope I am OK!

The doctor told me that while in the USA women in and after menopause have a higher rate of breast cancer, in Japan, there is a huge increase of breast cancer among women who still have their periods. Japanese women in their thirties and forties are falling victim to breast cancer. Even more reason to talk about this topic with them! Ask, recommend, invite and treat women in your life to a breast ultrasound as it can be the first step to survival. Now is the time! The test might not feel good but having it done does!

And while you're talking and walking to the clinic, make an appointment for a Pap-smear, too. A Pap-smear is a test for uterine cancer. It is quick, simple and painless so go for it. Again, it can save lives! Because when a woman dies of uterine cancer, the family and friends also die in some sense...cancer kills more than one person. Don't let it be the person you love. Don't let it be you. Once again, early-stage uterine cancer survival rates are excellent so catching it quickly is crucial. Yearly tests are in order.

I had my first Pap-smear in my teens as my mom, an OB-GYN has seen plenty of young women with uterine cancer. Some died. And women don't need to die as a woman with an early stage cancer has a much better chance for survival.

Thanks for reading my interview with Doctor Hiroko Tsunoda-Shimizu, Director of the Department of Radiology at St. Luke's International Hospital in Tokyo. A great woman working hard to save lives.
Let's make sure she has less work, except for routine tests that come back negative.

Show your love with action! Reserve your breast cancer and uterine cancer tests tomorrow. No, TODAY!!! Thank you! xoxoxJK
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