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Thanks, Michael Jackson! Thanks, Daikaku Chodoin san!
Hi Everyone! It's been two weeks since Michael Jackson's death. I am so so sad because although Michael's music gave me so much happiness over the years, I never really thanked him in my heart. Thanks, Michael, you were the best! You were the greatest dancer, the biggest hit-maker and you made me FEEL SO HAPPY, SO MANY TIMES! YOU MADE ME DANCE SO MUCH AND I LOVE DANCING! I remember going on stage to Billy Jean at school, and dancing all night in clubs with my best friend, Angie, totally absorbed in the music and each other. THANK YOU, MICHAEL! Aishiteuryo! We love you!
The moment I heard of Michael Jackson's death, I thought of Daikaku Chodoin san.
Daikaku Chodoin san in Words to Live by
He must be shocked and devastated, I thought. Here is Chodoin san, looking so hot and so cool:
It was a few months earlier that I bumped into one of Chodoin san's friends on the street in Tokyo. Ever the talkative two of us, soon we were sipping green tea at a sushi bar and talking wildly about all kinds of topics. He said he had a great photo of me in kimono in his mini photo book that he always carries around. Wow, thanks, let me see. As I flipped through his favorite shots, all arranged in a cute beat-up file, I saw his life for the past 30 years or so, in color. Buddies sitting around restaurant tables, lovely women, some famous singers, cool outfits. Oops, there is me in kimono! As I turned the page, there was Michael Jackson and Chodoin san. I couldn't believe my eyes! Michael Jackson and I were separated by a thin sheet of plastic, that's all. Life is so so weird! Chodoin san's friend said " Oh, you will meet Michael, sure. He is coming again and whenever he is in town, he is always with Chodoin san so you just come along everywhere, too! It'll be fun, you'll see! He's nice and you'll hit it off great!"
I was stunned and of course, happy that he thought so. He told me how Michael visited Chodoin san in the 1990's and how the two stayed in touch ever since. That was another shock because although I've known Chodoin san for a while, he never talked to me about Michael, never showed off the fact that they were friends. Nice!
I went to Chodoin san's office this past weekend. He told me how Michael's secretaries attended some of Chodoin san's events and how impressed they were with his work for colored people. That is why Michael called him later on and visited him in Tokyo. Wow. Chodoin san's life is incredible: He traveled all over the world, sponsoring revolutionaries and hanging out with Arafat in Beirut and supporting Castro in Cuba and Sam Nujoma in Namibia. I am so lucky, I think. Here I am sitting with Chodoin san for hours, listening to his life, totally unedited. I know why Michael sought him out: he is so unique, so comfortable, so animated. I love visiting him in his cave-like compounds, filled with samurai armors and Buddhas and the delicious scent of Japanese incense. As he said, people wanna see miracles, yet when they do, they don't wanna believe in them. Good point! I believe! Thank you, Michael! Thanks, Chodoin san!

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Thanks! Love and Peace JK

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