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Executive Pastry Chef Shinsuke Nakajima! YUM!
Oh, all the Sweet Things that make life worth living! One is Chef Shinsuke Nakajima's Super Melon Short Cake and it is nothing short of a masterpiece! Yum, yum, yummy!
Check out Chef Nakajima in Words to Live by !IMG_1336 Super Melon Cake
Each and every part of this Super Melon Short Cake is perfection: the melon, the cream, the sponge cake. Oh, I wish I could eat one right now! It's so pretty, like the cakes I imagined and tried to draw as a kid, but could never quite make them as beautifully cake-like as this, and so sweet, like my great-grandma's desserts, which were my favorite treats in the world. Nakajima san went all out and I sure wanna stay in and keep savoring his handiwork. The Super Melon Short Cake is perfect, except for its price: 1575 yen for one slice! Seeing my stunned expression, Nakajima san explained that one melon costs 15,000 and the eggs, the butter, and the rest of the ingredients all come from the best producers in Japan so the price goes way up there, along with the quality. Yum, I get it! I guess it would be a tall order to want the best short cakes and still pay the lowest price. Life is sweet but not that much: we get what we pay for.
Lesson: I'd better start making some serious money, ASAP!
IMG_1352 Chef Nagashima and Judit
Here are some more wonders of nature and man: Nakajima san and his Short Cakes and me, moments before I sunk my fork and teeth into another super-dooper sweet, Plaisirs Sucre, an incredible mixture of hazelnut dacoise, milk chocolate thin with praline, and chocolate ganache, created by pastry chef-extraordinaire, Pierre Herme. Here it is, looking simple but don't let looks fool you: It's complex and a taste wonder!
IMG_1357 PHPierre Herme on Wikipedia
Pierre Herme's Website
PH, merci beaucoup! Je t'aime! I've been to heaven and I'm back to report that it is perfect up there, as long as it is same as down here: all so sweet!
Pierre Herme san sent this note about Nakajima san:
IMG_1354 PH note
Translation from French to English: "Talent, passion and open-mindedness are some of the many words that come to mind that characterize my friend Shinsuke Nakajima ." Pierre Herme
I understand: Nakajima san can really cake and bake fantastic sweets! Go get some at the Patisserie Satsuki at the Hotel New Otani, Tokyo! Qui, Pierre Herme's amazing sweets are also waiting there for us! CU there, I hope! JK

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