check my website
HI Fans! Sorry for not ding much here. Please stop by my website

Thanks and see U there!
Judit Kawaguchi
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August 26th is National Dog Day!
Celebrate your dog today! I am! xoxoxJK
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Our new book is out on June 16th
Hi Friends! Our new is coming out on June 16th. You can already preorder it on Amazon: 日本人も知らなかった日本の国力(ソフトパワー)

Have fun reading it!
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2016 Happy New Year
あけましておめでとうございます!Happy 2016! Sorry for not updating this blog much...working on my site Please visit in a few weeks as it will be revamped.
Thanks and talk to U all soon, I hope!
Judit Kawaguchi
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JK website in the making!
Hi friends : Judit Kawaguchi's website will be soon ready at Come and visit! Thanks

Judit Kawaguchi
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May 1st is Morinosuke Kawaguchi's birthday!
It's a party! Morinosuke Kawaguchi's birthday is May 1st and mine is May 14th. Happy Birthday, Everyone!
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Aiai exhibition in Kawagoe from May 8th till 17th
Come to celebrate fantastic art by members of Aiai, a group of autistic artists, supported by their amazing teacher, Awata sensei.
May 8--17th in Kawagoe
Pls search this blog for my interview with Awata sensei by adding "aiai" into search area. I will also add link later but gotta run now. Mark your calendars for May 8th, tho!
xoxox JK
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My Akita travels
I love Japan's Akita prefecture! Check my travels around this fantastic area both on Judit Kawaguchi on Twitter
and Judit Kawaguchi on Facebook
Thanks! JK
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Happy 2015
Thanks for stopping by! Happy 2015 and please see my sites and for more!
xoxox Judit
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Morinosuke received the Brand Personality Award
My husband, Japanese futurist Morinosuke Kawaguchi received the Brand Personality Award in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. More at
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Our projects on our website
Hello Friends! Please visit for info on our activities! Thanks CU there Judit
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MEGATRENDS 2014--2023
Hello Everyone! Hope you are all well and doing what U love!
We are updating our new book, メガトレンド 2014-2023
( MEGATRENDS 2014-2023 )on sale since December 2013! Please check it out and if you would like Morinosuke Kawaguchi to make a presentation for your company or organization, please contact us here or at

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Dear All:

Making anew site called PetTabi! More soon! Judit
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My interview with a Tokyo veterinarian
Hello Fans! Thanks for visiting! Here is Judit Kawaguchi's interview with a Tokyo veterinarian, doctor Chikao Muratani , who is nice, speaks fluent English and has words to live by! Enjoy!
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Morinosuke on TBS Television’s 100秒博士アカデミー
Fun! Famous Kansai duo Downtown created a new weekly TV show for TBS titled
100秒博士アカデミー "100Byou Hakase Academy" which translates to "100Seconds Professor Academy" and Morinosuke Kawaguchi is on!
His topic: the Japanese Toilet!
Date: 2014. January 21st, Tuesday
Time: 22:00--22:54
1月 21日火曜日よる10:00から
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Aoyama Farmers Market
Chance to adopt some cats and dogs this Saturday, December 21st and Sunday, December 22nd, Aoyama Farmers Market.
Volunteers are driving dogs and cats up from Niigata for the Saturday event, hoping to find them loving homes. If U can't adopt, pls think of a cash donation as the Niigata group keeps the animals for life & provides them with a loving home. This costs energy and lots of money so any amount helps a lot. Thanks!
On Sunday, another volunteer group brings cats & dogs for adoption.
Here is more info & hope to see U all there!
Judit Kawaguchi on Facebook
Happy Holidays!
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WIFKL 2013
We are just back from the World Innovation Forum Kuala Lumpur 2013, where my husband was a keynote speaker, invited by the Malaysian Prime Minister's Office. More about this fantastic event & us there, here:
WIFKL 2013
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My manga book is soon available
Hello Everyone!

Sorry for the long silence, have been busy putting the final touches on my manga book. Soon available.
Pls check back soon! Thanks
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Thank you!
Thanks for your support over the years. Will be posting more very soon sp pls stop by again! xoxox Judit
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August 2013
Hello, everyone: Hope your summer is going well. Tokyo is hot and humid but full of festivals.
Have fun and stay cool! JK
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Judit Kawguchi website open!
I made a website for Judit Kawaguchi but not much is on it yet....pls bookmark and visit later! Thanks xoxox JK
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Judit & Morinosuke Kawaguchi's Facebook pages
Hello! Lots of info on my Facebook pages! Pics and articles on Japan. You'll like them, I hope:
Judit Kawaguchi
Morinosuke Kawaguchi

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Join me on Facebook!
Hi Everyone:
Thanks for stopping by. I am uploading pics, articles to my page Judit Kawaguchi on Facebook Hope you like it!

I also have a page for my husband Morinosuke Kawaguchi Hope you like his page, too!

See you there and of course, on our homepage and follow me on Twitter @judittokyo

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Cherry is in full bloom in Tokyo!
That's right! Off to enjoy the sun, the 17 Celsius and the pretty cherry blossoms! Everyone, have fun! xoxox JK
【2013/03/23 09:43】 | etc. | トラックバック(0) | コメント(0) info
Visit our website for more info on what we do! Thanks and see you all there! Judit Kawaguchi
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Morinoske Info
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Futurist Morinosuke Kawaguchi in WIRED Japan
Brilliant interview with futurist Morinosuke Kawaguchi in WIRED Japan. Love it!!! Share, share, share!

Morinosuke Kawaguchi's interview in WIRED Japan
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Happy New Year!
Thank you for visiting this blog in 2012. Sorry for not having done much writing here but I hope you had read some of my interviews which featured wonderful people with lots of words to live by.

I hope you stay in touch with me on our and on our YouTube channel JapanTechLessons

Wish you a fantastic 2013! Love and Peace from Tokyo, Japan!
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Benshi Sawato Midori
My interview with benshi Sawato Midori san, link soon!
【2012/12/24 00:32】 | etc. | トラックバック(0) | コメント(0)
Shimbashi bar owner Reiko Yoshimura
My interview with a wonderful woman is coming out soon....will upload link on Tuesday so pls visit! JK
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Judit Kawaguchi's (川口ユディ) FAN BLOG

がんばれ日本!応援団長、川口ユディ(NHK Weekend Japanology人気レポーター, Japan Timesコラムニスト)のファンブログ


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