Happy Anniversary!
Hello World! Happy Anniversary! Today I reached another milestone. Thanks for supporting me all the way!

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check my website
HI Fans! Sorry for not ding much here. Please stop by my website judittokyo.com

Thanks and see U there!
Judit Kawaguchi
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August 26th is National Dog Day!
Celebrate your dog today! I am! xoxoxJK
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Our new book is out on June 16th
Hi Friends! Our new is coming out on June 16th. You can already preorder it on Amazon: 日本人も知らなかった日本の国力(ソフトパワー)

Have fun reading it!
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2016 Happy New Year
あけましておめでとうございます!Happy 2016! Sorry for not updating this blog much...working on my site
judittokyo.com Please visit judittokyo.com in a few weeks as it will be revamped.
Thanks and talk to U all soon, I hope!
Judit Kawaguchi
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JK website in the making!
Hi friends : Judit Kawaguchi's website will be soon ready at judittokyo.com Come and visit! Thanks

Judit Kawaguchi
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May 1st is Morinosuke Kawaguchi's birthday!
It's a party! Morinosuke Kawaguchi's birthday is May 1st and mine is May 14th. Happy Birthday, Everyone!
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Aiai exhibition in Kawagoe from May 8th till 17th
Come to celebrate fantastic art by members of Aiai, a group of autistic artists, supported by their amazing teacher, Awata sensei.
May 8--17th in Kawagoe
Pls search this blog for my interview with Awata sensei by adding "aiai" into search area. I will also add link later but gotta run now. Mark your calendars for May 8th, tho!
xoxox JK
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My Akita travels
I love Japan's Akita prefecture! Check my travels around this fantastic area both on Judit Kawaguchi on Twitter
and Judit Kawaguchi on Facebook
Thanks! JK
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Happy 2015
Thanks for stopping by! Happy 2015 and please see my sites morinoske.com and judittokyo.com for more!
xoxox Judit
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Morinosuke received the Brand Personality Award
My husband, Japanese futurist Morinosuke Kawaguchi received the Brand Personality Award in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. More at morinoske.com
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Our projects on our website
Hello Friends! Please visit morinoske.com for info on our activities! Thanks CU there Judit
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MEGATRENDS 2014--2023
Hello Everyone! Hope you are all well and doing what U love!
We are updating our new book, メガトレンド 2014-2023
( MEGATRENDS 2014-2023 )on sale since December 2013! Please check it out and if you would like Morinosuke Kawaguchi to make a presentation for your company or organization, please contact us here or at

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Dear All:

Making anew site called PetTabi! More soon! Judit
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My interview with a Tokyo veterinarian
Hello Fans! Thanks for visiting! Here is Judit Kawaguchi's interview with a Tokyo veterinarian, doctor Chikao Muratani , who is nice, speaks fluent English and has words to live by! Enjoy!
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Morinosuke on TBS Television’s 100秒博士アカデミー
Fun! Famous Kansai duo Downtown created a new weekly TV show for TBS titled
100秒博士アカデミー "100Byou Hakase Academy" which translates to "100Seconds Professor Academy" and Morinosuke Kawaguchi is on!
His topic: the Japanese Toilet!
Date: 2014. January 21st, Tuesday
Time: 22:00--22:54
1月 21日火曜日よる10:00から
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Aoyama Farmers Market
Chance to adopt some cats and dogs this Saturday, December 21st and Sunday, December 22nd, Aoyama Farmers Market.
Volunteers are driving dogs and cats up from Niigata for the Saturday event, hoping to find them loving homes. If U can't adopt, pls think of a cash donation as the Niigata group keeps the animals for life & provides them with a loving home. This costs energy and lots of money so any amount helps a lot. Thanks!
On Sunday, another volunteer group brings cats & dogs for adoption.
Here is more info & hope to see U all there!
Judit Kawaguchi on Facebook
Happy Holidays!
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WIFKL 2013
We are just back from the World Innovation Forum Kuala Lumpur 2013, where my husband was a keynote speaker, invited by the Malaysian Prime Minister's Office. More about this fantastic event & us there, here:
WIFKL 2013
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My manga book is soon available
Hello Everyone!

Sorry for the long silence, have been busy putting the final touches on my manga book. Soon available.
Pls check back soon! Thanks
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Thank you!
Thanks for your support over the years. Will be posting more very soon sp pls stop by again! xoxox Judit
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August 2013
Hello, everyone: Hope your summer is going well. Tokyo is hot and humid but full of festivals.
Have fun and stay cool! JK
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Judit Kawguchi website open!
I made a website for Judit Kawaguchi but not much is on it yet....pls bookmark and visit later! Thanks xoxox JK
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Judit & Morinosuke Kawaguchi's Facebook pages
Hello! Lots of info on my Facebook pages! Pics and articles on Japan. You'll like them, I hope:
Judit Kawaguchi
Morinosuke Kawaguchi

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Judit Kawaguchi's Report List, Updated 2013. April
Japan-based Journalist Judit Kawaguchi’s interviews for radio, TV and print media:

List updated 2013, April

For NHK Radio’s Weekend Square, from June 2001 until March 2003, all reports are both in Japanese and English. Each report is about 13 minutes.
1. Tsukudajima area walk and tsukudani (Tsukudajima is an island off Ginza and is famous for a type of preserved fish called tsukudani)
2. Tsukishima and monjayaki (famous food served in over 60 restaurants in the same area)
3. Hama Rikyu Garden, boat to Odaiba, visit future town
4. One day trip in Tokyo
5. Mount Fuji Climb—we actually climbed to the top and reported on the whole trip
6. Togenukijizo—famous festival for health in the obaachan (elderly ladies, grandmas) town called Sugamo in Tokyo
7. Ameyokocho – historical shopping area near Ueno Park
8. Kyoto’s doyo singer Lisa Gershten (doyo is Japanese lullaby)
9. Ueno Zoo baby boom
10. Nippori –famous for its inexpensive cloth vendors and clothing shops
11. Bon Odori in Nihonbashi ( summer dance festival)
12. Suitengumae—Heat Island Tokyo –beat the summer heat!
13. Ikebana teacher Karen Henton
14. Ginza Antique Mall
15. Kyoto’s washimaker Rogeer Antenborgard (washi is Japanese paper )
16. Chuo-ku Aji No Kokusai Koryu cooking class –I taught Hungarian cooking for about 30 members of Tokyo’s Chuo city International Association, including Mr. Yoshihide Yada, the mayor of Chuo city
17. International Field Games Festival, Tokyo –children’s outdoor games from around the world
18. Tiny Boatride in Tokyo’s Kiba
19. Kyoto’s John Louis Tora zen monk
20. Silent movie narrator Sawato Midori
21. Misora Hibari singer Chris Chavez
22. Osaka’s Imamiya Ebisu Matsuri --live report from Japan’s biggest festival
23. Author/ Japanologist Donald Keene
24. Adventurer Ishikawa Naoki
25. Great Hanshin Earthquake Anniversary, return to Kobe—I was in Kobe the day after the quake and witnessed the devastation while helping out at my parents’ and relatives’ homes
26. Geiko—interview with some of Kyoto’s geishas and maikos
27. Ukrainian poet Ludmilla Skyrda
28. Musician Mamadou
29. Boroichi Antique Fleamarket
30. Green Tea Boom
31. Para-Para Dance Fever in Tokyo’s hottest nightclubs
32. Hungary’s Budapest is the Onsen Capital of the World! (onsen is hot spring )
33. Japanese Language Boom in Budapest: interviews with professors and students at the Budapest Business School’s Japanese language department

For NHK Radio’s 44 Minutes, in both Japanese and English:
1. Osaka’s Homeless

For NHK Radio’s Pop Goes Asia Interviews:
1. Gipsy Kings, in French, English and Japanese
2. Sebestyen Marta, in Hungarian, English and Japanese

For NHK Television’s Weekend Japanology, in Japanese and English from December 2002 until present. Each report is about 11 minutes:
1. New Year Foods in Ameyokocho (near Ueno Park)
2. Hanami (cherry blossom viewing parties) in Shikoku ‘s Kochi
3. 100 yen shop boom
4. Natto (fermented soybeans) dishes served in elementary school lunches, kids reaction
5. Ukai (Gifu prefecture’s cormorant fishing)
6. Wedding Village in Tokyo
7. Akaji Maro and Dairakudakan (butoh’s star and his troupe)
8. Suehirotei—famous old theatre in Tokyo, where the top rakugo storytellers, shamizen players, jugglers, etc still perform today
9. Mount Fuji in Tokyo—visit Oriental Bazaar, where Mt. Fuji ukiyoe (woodblock prints) are sold, a sento (bathhouse) decorated with a giant Mt. Fuji painting, and the Mount Fuji festival in Tokyo’s Kita ward
10. Fans of Osaka’s Hanshin Tigers (top Japanese baseball team) and their cheerleaders
11. Teapicking and temomi making (hand-rolled tealeaves ) in Shizuoka prefecture
12. About Andrew Bukenya, introduce the other reporter on our show
13. About me: both in studio and on location
14. Floor Volleyball: volleyball game for the visually challenged
15. Nodojiman in Gunma —NHK’s singing contest
16. Young men at work in a daycare center
17. Tokyo on a shoestring: food, ryokan, souvenirs and sento
18. Onigiri boom–small shop in Jiyugaoka, Lawson convenience store and oshare restaurant in Aoyama
19. Ankonabe in Kitaibaraki (dobujiru)
20. Akihabara—from old radioshops to otaku specialty stores
21. Making Japanese sake
22. Aomori’s Tsugaru shamisen
23. Aomori’s jifubuki –ground blizzard
24. Hinamatsuri in Izu’s Inatori town
25. Tokyo Antique Boom
26. Takenoko—bamboo shoot search in the forest and cuisine
27. Pet Boom~ clothes, cakes, cookies for doggies
28. Edo Wazao, making traditional bamboo fishing rods and fishing with them
29. Studio Special as studio guest
30. Studio Special as studio guest
31. Beigoma, report on the traditional spinning tops and interview Mr. Tsujii, the owner of the last beigoma factory in Japan
32. Edo Furin, glass wind-chimes
33. Wasabi picking in Shizuoka and making soba noodles
34. Manekineko factory in Aichi, Gotokuji manekineko temple in Tokyo and Samurai manekineko bar in Shinjuku
35. Kingyo sukui, goldfish catching in Asakusa’s festival and visit Japan’s number one goldfish center in Nara prefecture’s Yamatokoriyama city
36. Okami san and the beauty of Japanese hospitality; documenting a day in the life of Suzuki Yaeko san, the female manager of a beautiful ryokan called Uoshizu in Shizuoka
37. Summer Studio Special---studio guest
38. Summer Studio Special---studio guest
39. Comiket: Japan’s largest manga exhibit and cosplay gathering in Tokyo’s Big Sight
40. Uchimizu (sprinkling water on the streets) and its cooling effects
41. Bosai kunren: disaster preparedness drills in Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park and in a kindergarten; how Japanese prepare for earthquakes
42. Tatami making with Mr. Hiraiwa
43. Golf Driving Ranges are hip! Swing Himoya is one of Tokyo’s trendiest clubs; also introduce world’s top simulated golf software
44. Art trucks, called “ Deco-Tora”; Japan’s famed painted and illuminated trucks, interview drivers, Mr Miyazaki, the man the legendary Truck Yaro movies were based on and Mr. Sekiguchi, Japan’s top artist
45. Bamboo lantern and tea ceremony event in Nagano prefecture’s Takeshi village, at the Takeshi Tomoshibi (Tiny Light) Museum’s garden
46. Picking Kawagoe city’s famous sweet potato with kids from Tokyo’s Shinjuku Hanazono elementary school; interview baked sweet potato shop owners
47. Shushoku katsudo: Looking for a job! Interviews with students at Nippon Joshi Daigaku (Japan Women’s University) who are looking for a job; interviews in Isetan department store’s special business suit section and Watosa’s makeup artist, Ms. Kobayashi did my makeup for job interviews; JAL Academy’s General Manager, Ms. Kasai’s interview and her class on proper job interview behavior
48. Gaadoshita: businesses underneath the elevated railway in Yurakcho and in Maihama. Visit Komatsu and Tonton yakitorishops and Dream Gate Maihama hotel which is suspended under the railway.
49. Japanese traditional and contemporary work-wear, interviews with construction workers, Ms. Mannen, owner of Mannenya, the top work gear shop in Shinjuku and Mr. Isogai, a famous craftsman specializing in traditional handmade clothing and tabis
50. Akita prefecture’s Oga peninsula’s famous namahage festival at the Shinzan shrine
51. Tsukemono making in Akita prefecture’s Ohmagari town with Sachiko Sasaki san
52. Suginami ward’s Anime Museum opened! Interview with Obake no kyutaro creator Mr. Suzuki and visit one of the ward’s 70 anime studios.
53. Randoseru, the Japanese schoolbag: visit Tsukishima daisan shougakko and Tsuchiya randoseru manufacturer
54. Studio special as studio guest
55. Studio special as studio guest
56. Zori: traditional Japanese footwear; make zori in a workshop and visit a kindergarten where both kids and teachers wear zori in order to improve their health
57. Mashiko pottery in Tochigi prefecture; visit semi-annual pottery fair and renowned potter, Mr. Sakuma’s workshop. See the works of Living National Treasure, Mr. Hamada, at the private collection of Mr. and Mrs. Yamamoto
58. Taketombo (bamboo dragonfly) making in Katsushika-ku with Takemura san and many kids, then flying them in the park. Also interview Katada san, a taketombo-flying master
59. Edo sashimono: visit Toshio Toda, a master craftsman and Yoshio Yaoita’s a store specializing in this type of furniture
60. Oyajibands---contest of top oyajibands in Shibuya’s Club Duo
61. Sumi—the wonders of Japanese charcoal and its various uses in the home
62. Nagoya’s famous yuinoh: bridal ceremonial gifts at Iwata yuinoh store
63. Dodgeball at Kita –ku’s Wakaba Elementary School
64. Tanada—Chiba prefecture’s lovely rice terraces are the only ones in Japan surviving on rainwater alone
65. Hachinoko in Nagano prefecture’s Ina city—hornet hunting with master hunter Ogiso Daikichi and his friends Mr. Matsumoto and Mr. Sakai and eating hachinoko (hornet larvae) cooked by Mrs. Ogiso
66. Kiku matsuri (chrysanthemum festival) in Fukushima prefecture
67. Kemari in Nagano prefecture: kemari is an ancient ballgame that is similar to today’s soccer
68. Jazz in Japan, visit Yokohama’s Jazz festival, and the oldest jazz kissa, Chigusa
69. Stationary Special: showcase the best of Japanese stationary, from the world’s thinnest ballpoint pen sold at Ginza’s Itoya to the famed Rittai keshigomu, erasers worth collecting!
70. Tako—the wonders of Japanese kites
71. Shichifukujin Meguri: visit the 7 shrines dedicated to each of the six gods and one goddess
72. Izu Oshima island’s camellia festival, camellia oil making at the Takada factory and silk dyeing at Ms. Kaneko’s workshop
73. Kokeshi dolls in Miyagi prefecture’s Naruko onsen town
74. Okinawa’s shisa, the lion-dogs guarding buildings and master craftsman Mr. Oshiro
75. Okinawan music, focusing on Koza city’s famous minyo singers and sanshin ( three-stringed shamisen) maker Mr. Teruya
76. Kyoto’s cuisine: famous yudofu restaurant of Tenryu-ji Zen Buddhist temple and gyosha tofu seller Takashi Iriyama
77. Studio Special as studio guest
78. Studio Special as studio guest
79. Koi-nobori master in Iwakura city, near Nagoya
80. Kanban—Japanese street signs
81. Yochien obento, kindergarten lunchboxes
82. Sansai picking in Nagano prefecture
83. Bonsai on Shikoku island’s Kagawa prefecture
84. Kanna planes, see how miyadaiku build a Buddhist temple using kanna and visit top kannamaker, Mr. Ito and Japan’s kanna champion, Mr. Amakasu
85. Hauta singer, Ms. Suzue Akashi performs in Asakusa Engei Hall and teaches her deshis at home
86. Kakigouri, shaved ice at Tsukishima’s Summer festival and visit Saitama’s most famous kakigouri shop
87. Summer Studio Special
88. Summer Studio Special about Okinawa’s music
89. Hocho—the art of the Japanese knife, visit Nihonbashi’s famous blade specialist
90. Tosenkyou, a game in which fans are thrown and poems read, Mr. Jian and his group in the Yoyogi Olympic Center
91. Nagasaki Saruku city tour 2006
92. Nagasaki is the venue for the National Kendama Competition 2006
93. Kitsune matsuri, a fox festival in Niigata’s Takayanagi, in Kashiwazaki city
94. Hagoita craftsman Kogetsu Nishiyama
95. Geisha taiken in Ito city, on the Izu peninsula in Tokai-kan, where I learnt about ozashiki culture and the meaning of iki, sang dodoitsu and danced as a geisha
96. Mochi tsukuri, rice cake pounding on the Ishizaka Farm in Hino city, Saitama prefecture
97. Robocon 2006, a huge national robot contest in which 124 groups of students from 62 vocational schools compete with their robots. Finals are held in Ryogoku’s Kokugikan, the famous sumo stadium. We also visited Ibaraki prefecture’s Hitachinaka city’s Ibaraki National College of Technology.
98. Gateball in Tokyo, playing with genki 80 and 90 years-old people
99. Osaka City Tour in the Shinsekai, Yodobashi and Semba areas with professor Shinya Hashizume
100. Setsubun Oni-odori (demon dance) in Honjoji temple, Sanjo city, Niigata. Ten small temples surround magnificent Honjoji and in its main hall 10,000 people enjoy the Oni- odori (2.3.)
101. Shikoku, Kagawa prefecture, Konpira shrine
102. Studio Special as studio guest
103. Studio Special as studio guest
104. Shinkansen –taking photos of speeding shinkansen with 79 years-old Noguchi san, top train photographer
105. Huge taiko festival in Narita—over 500 taiko drummers play together in front of the temple
106. Tamago-kake gohan: rice, raw egg and soy sauce and the many ways this simple meal can be eaten; visit chicken farm and also Seibu department store
107. Monomane: genius animal mimic Koneko san
108. Toyama prefecture’s fresh spring water
109. Janja komainu: guard dogs at Shinto shrines
110. Studio Special as studio guest: Looking Back on Weekend Japanology
111. Studio Special as studio guest: Looking Back on Weekend Japanology

NHK TV, Nippon Art Walk, 2007.8, in Japanese and English. This program is 29 minutes.
1. Maruyama Okyou’s work; travel with Prof. Yoshimura, an expert on Okyou’s paintings. Visit Kyoto art dealers and Daijouji temple in Hyogo prefecture’s Kasumi town.

NHK TV, Out&About, a 30-minute TV show, from 2007. 8, all reports are in Japanese and English:
1. World Heritage Site, Shimane prefecture’s Iwami-Ginzan Silver Mine with our guide, former professional wrestler & K1 Executive Producer, Mr. Nobuaki Kakuda
2. Gifu prefecture’s Takayama Matsuri with our guide Matsuyama University Professor, Hiroyasu Sato
3. Tottori prefecture’s Yuru-chara Cup 2007 and Sakaiminato city’s Mizuki Shigeru Museum with its director, Yoji Umetani, as our guide, with whom we also enjoyed a delicious crab dinner
4. Nagano prefecture, Shinshu area, Tenryumura’s yubeshi and Kizawa festival with our guide, mix engineer, Goh Hotoda
5. Kyushu, Miyazaki prefecture’s Takachiho Shrine, Ama no Iwato Shrine and all-night Yokagura Dances with our guide Ayu Yano
6. Exploring Lake Biwa, Japan’s largest freshwater lake on many types of boats, fishing and cutting down reeds. Visit the Kaiyodo Figure Museum where Kaiyodo Founder, Mr. Miyawaki gave our guide, Goh Hotoda and me a grand tour. Please see my 5/28/2008 Japan Times column on Miyawaki san.
7. Nagasaki’s famous kite fighting festival is held every April and participants spend days fighting with handmade kites, later on we relaxed under the cherry blossoms with lots of homemade delicacies. I also walked around Nagasaki city in search of unique inventions.
8. Yamagata prefecture’s meibutsu or famous products include sweet cherries and safflower. I met pretty Miss Cherry who travels around Japan promoting the fruit, picked cherries at Shunji and Mitsuyo Ono’s farm that produces the sweetest Sato Nishiki type. Please check my 8/8/2008 Japan Times column about these two cuties! I also talked to teachers and students at the wonderful Sagae Agricultural High School, rode the cute Nagai Flower Train and heard driver/ guide Asakura san’s funny introduction to the area. He saved the line by…you can read about him in my Japan Times column on 9/9/ 2008! In front of the station was Nomura san’s traveling dagashiya, an old-style sweets shop where everything is around 30 yen but Nomura san lets kids throw darts and gives away the candy for free! He also displays his color pencil drawings of small train lines. He’s another guy I’d like to feature in Words to live by soon!
9. Saitama prefecture’s famous koinobori artists, a cute family with lots of kids and koinobori, the local kendo dojo and udon shops

NHK TV, Journeys in Japan, a 30-minute TV show, from 2010.4, all reports are in Japanese and English:
1. Trip to Ibaraki prefecture’s Tsukuba Science City: started in Tokyo’s Akihabara with Neon Genesis Evengelion’s Asuka chan, then took the Tsukuba Express to Tsukuba city to check out the Obari Matsushita-style Tsunabi festival preparations. The festival has been celebrated for 400 years, on August 24th, and its climax is the karakuri ningyo (mechanical dolls) fireworks. We visited the local elementary school where children learn how to operate the karakuri ningyo. Next we stopped by Cyberdyne to check out its incredible Robot Suit HAL. Hopped on the Space Tour to see JAXA’s rockets and Space Station Experimental Module, Kibo. Petted cute healing robot, Paro and stopped by humanoid robot, Choromet. Interviewed Professor Asakawa on the organic nanotube and Mitsuo Okuma & his wife, Shiho, on paper art. Climbed Mt. Tsukuba and prayed in its shrine, which has a 3000 year-old history. Met Hisako Yoshioka, a 19th generation toad-oil storyteller. Gama no abura (toad-oil) is a famous oinment made from the frogs’ sweat (really???) and sold at these hilarious performances. We introduced a few Tsukuba-san gama-gaeru, the cute frogs inhabiting the area.
2. Kyoto prefecture’s Tango Peninsula is famous for Amanohashidate, one of the top three most scenic spots in Japan; a 3.6 km long pine covered sand bar across Miyazu Bay. Stayed at the 250 years-old Charoku ryokan, played games with four funny geishas, visited the Chionji Zen temple & interviewed its head monk, Hagiwara san. Stopped by the Miyazu Marine High School, where students raise all kinds of fish, partied at the Miyazu Matsuri and hung out with fishermen who park their boats on the first floor of their beach homes.
3. Akita prefecture’s onsens (hot springs) provide healing and beauty for both travelers and local farmers. We filmed some of the most famous hidden hot springs, including Tsurunoyu Onsen Ryokan, which has been welcoming guests since 1650. We stayed at Tamagawa Onsen in the Towada-Hachimantai National Park, famous for toji, is a traditional hot spring therapy. This magical detox tour will make the viewers genki!

For Archipel 33 TV documentary "A la recherche du future anterieur" (English title: 'Future in the Past') directed by Radovan Tadic
Interviews in Japanese and English with
1. Professor Okonogi Keigo, the “Father of Japanese Psychoanalysis,” and professor at Keio and Tokyo International Universities
2. Nouvelle Kaiseki Ryori Chef Kenichiro Ooe (Park Hyatt Tokyo)
3. Doctor Tamaki Saito and his hikikomori patients (young people who refuse to leave their homes/rooms for years on end)
4. Teppanyaki Chef Murata Fujio at the Garden Restaurant in the Hotel New Otani (food prepared by the table on a large teppan by a masterchef –what does it all mean?)
5. Homeless in Shinjuku Park, how they live and where they come from
6. Shinkansen Designers, Mr. Tezeni Masamichi and Mr. Tetsuo Fukuda
7. Inochi No Denwa founder, Professor Yukio Saito (IND is Japan’s first and largest free telephone counseling line)
8. Osaka’s Bunraku puppet theater’s master puppet makers and puppeteers and their fantastic puppets

NHK Radio’s Fuerai Hiroba, in Japanese:
1. 2003. Summer : Guest to talk about my counseling activity in Ginza
2. 2003. 12. 9. Member of 3 women talk-battle, with Aera magazine editor, Nagatomo Sawako and writer Ieda Shoko. Topic: Japanese women’s expectations, marriage, divorce, work, etc
3. 2003. 12.26. Guest to discuss New Year celebrations and children’s lifestyle in Hungary

Frei Dosszie coordinator and interviewee:
2004.6.4. Daredemo Picasso TV show filming with Beat Takeshi, mangaka Shigeru Mizuki, and his Ge ge ge no Kitaro and Nezumi otoko characters, sculptor Kuma san, comedian Kohji Imada, actress Watanabe Marina, painter Hiroshi Aramata
2004.6.6. Ginza hokoten interview with me
2004.6.6. Evening of T-shirts Crazy night! with illustrator Radical Suzuki, filmmaker Minoru Kawasaki, kickboxer Toshiyuki “Shark” Kinami

1. 2002. INCS
2. 2004. ANA

Interviews for articles which appeared in the Japan Times newspaper or in magazines:

1. concept-maker, designer Naoki Sakai
2. designer Naoto Fukasawa
3. mangaka Shirow Masamune ( creator of Ghost in the Shell)
4. writer, scholar Donald Keene, 83
5. Bower and Wilkins’s International Marketing Manager,
Danny Haikin
6. KDDI au Product Design Director Yoshihiro Komuta and Assistant Manager Satoshi Sunahara
7. designer Shunji Yamanaka
8. mangaka Keiichi Makino
9. Tokyo University professor, linguist Kazuto Matsumura
10. thinker, writer Ichiya Nakamura
11. singer, player Mari Natsuki
12. artist and Post-pet creator Kazuhiko Hachiya, 39
13. Syn CEO, Nick Wood
14. TRON creator, Tokyo University professor Ken Sakamura
15. NY chef Daniel Boulud
16. British rock band King Prawn
17. Nihon Buyo dancer Nanatomo Aoi
18. Sado island’s taiko drummers Kodo
19. Decotora’s Eagle movie producer, Tamegoro Sudo and the director and actors, including Sho Aikawa
20. Asia University professor Shudo Higashinakano
21. professor Mineo Nakajima
22. Yoshida Kyoudai shamisen team
23. Takasagoya Pork Shop owners, Mr & Mrs Fujita, 65 & 65
24. illustrator Radical Suzuki
25. Peach John President, Mika Noguchi, 40
26. Gallerie Sho owner, Shoichiro Satake, 46
27. fitness trainer Reiko Ito, 46
28. actor Ken Watanabe, 46
29. design consultant Bob Sliwa, 50
30. opera singer, actress and TV personality Kumiko Mori, 46
31. NEC’s robot, PaPeRo and its creator, Yoshihiro Fujita
32. social worker Ritzie Kojima, 53
33. mama-san Hisayo Takano
34. accountant Nobuko Mitsumori, 37
35. mountain climber Ken Noguchi, 32
36. carpenters Masahiro and Katsutoshi Arai, 58 & 28
37. Love Piece Club owner, Minori Kitahara, 35
38. Honorary Chief Priest at Imamimya-Ebisu Shrine, Osaka, Takao Tsue, 80
39. leader of Shibuya Wakamono Circle, Gouki Kojima, 18
40. former typesetter, currently cleaning person, Toshie Kobayashi, 76
41. dermatologist Kae Wakita MD, 35
42. chef Yoshimasa Saito, 85
43. writer Ayako Sono, 75
44. shamisen player Suzue Akashi, 74
45. doctor & inventor of the Tsunoda Key Tapping Method and author of The Japanese Brain, Tadanobu Tsunoda, 79
46. journalist Yoshiko Sakurai, 60
47. cashier and Fukagawa Tokkuriza Theater actress Mariko Sakaida, 33
48. Biacore Director of Marketing, Setsuko Hashimoto, 52
49. CEO of Koo & Co. and Language School En, Kazuo Ohashi, 37
50. Blind dancer Masatoshi Uchiumi, 64
51. Nakabo production controller and designer, Keiko Hisano, 25
52. Heizaburo and Reiko Kawaguchi, 84 & 81
53. Choreographer Fumihito Tanaka, 38
54. Former Japanese soldier, Hiroo Onoda, 84
55. 2005 World Champion Arm Wrestler, Yoko Yamada, 27
56. kindergarten teacher Yoko Sagae, 57
57. animation director/ writer Mamoru Oshii, 56
58. hair and make-up artist Masahiro Murata, 35
59. Kagawa ken products’ PR man Takashi Yamada, 59
60. cancer detecting dog Marine, 5.5 and her partner, Yuji Sato,60
61. designer Naoki Sakai, 60
62. PR consultant Haruko Iino, 64
63. tattoo artist, Horiyoshi III, 61
64. Meijijingu Shiseikan Dojo director, Minoru Inaba,64
65. jazzman Nobuo Hara, 80
66.Director of Radiology at St.Luke International Hospital, Hiroko Tsunoda-Shimizu, MD, 46
67. singer, actress Sumiko Sakamoto, 70
68. Ginza club Yuki owners, Shori and Kazumi Tanaka, 73 and 54
69. Live Coffee President Toru Otsuka, 67
70. K1 Executive Producer Nobuaki Kakuda, 46
71. fan designer and Komaruya owner Keiko Sumi, 57
72. hanko shop 4U Ginza owner Kazuhiko Hashiguchi, 37
73. mix engineer Goh Hotoda, 47
74. pole dancer Gena
75. movie producer Tamegoro Sudo, 50
76. 109 baby Shoop sales staff Natsuki Maeda, 19
77. fashion designer Hanae Mori, 81
78. stylist Patricia Field, 65
79. window-washer Taka Nakayama, 26
80.children’s clothes maker Narumiya Int. President Yuzo Narumiya, 71
81. snack mama Hiroko Mito
82. Tokkotai survivor Hideo Suzuki, 85
83.Nagasaki voulunteer tour guide Yasujiro Tanaka,65
84. Ultraman creator Kazuho Mitsuta, 70
85. Kaiyodo Founder Osamu Miyawaki 80
86. singer Linda Yamamoto, 57
87. shoe designer Moe Enomoto, 28
88. cherry farmers Shunji and Mitsuyo Ono
89. professor Kunihiko Takeda, 65
90. “Harry Potter” translator and Japanese publisher Yuko Matsuoka Harris, 64
91. businesswoman and widow of Indonesia’s first President, Sukarno, Ratna Sari Dewi Sukarno, 68
92. Yamagata prefecture’s local train company, the Nagai Flower Line’s driver and guide, Tatsuo Asakura, 29
93. cultural concierge & drag queen Vivienne Sato
94. Sati’s clothing shop owners in Okinawa city, Paul (61) and Neeta (60) Daswani
95. comedian Esper Ito
96. Inochi-no-Denwa Founder, Ruth Hetcamp, 75
97. Japan Graphologist Association Founder, Hiroshi Morioka, 65
98. Olympic gold medalist hammer thrower, Koji Murofushi, 34
99. Hyatt Regency Guam’s Wildlife Attendant, Pat Kim
100. physician and Chairman of the Board of Trustees at St. Luke International Hospital and Nursing College, Shigeaki Hinohara, 97.4
101. State Minister Seiko Noda, 48
102. jazz taxi driver Toshiyuki Anzai, 67
103. Nihon Rikagaku president Yasuhiro Oyama, 76
104. Watosa Chief Make-up Artist, Yukiko Takeda, 37
105. World Boxing Association super flyweight female world champion, Tenkai Tsunami, 24
106. Kurobe city officer and serial blood donor, Wataru Takekuma, 36
107. actor and talent agent Eddie Sumiyoshi, 84
108. chef and businesswoman Keiko Aoki
109. Executive Pastry Chef Shinsuke Nakajima, 50
110. Yakult lady, Chie Akamizawa, 30
111. United World Karate Association President, Daikaku Chodoin, 68
112. book translator Kiyoko Zaborszky, 83
113. fish master Tatsuo Ichikawa, 69
114. publisher Yumiko Tsunoda, 45
115. tour guide Shinobu Nimura, 50
116. Asahi Breweries, Ltd. Honorary Advisor, Takanori Nakajo, 82
117. beigoma factory owner, Shunichiro Tsuji, 62
118. Tokyo Girls Collection Chief Producer, Ayako Nagaya, 36
119. Sawanoya Ryokan owners, Yoneko and Isao Sawa (65 and 72)
120. cable guy Yasushi Sano, 30
121. corpse photographer&filmmaker Kiyotaka Tsurisaki, 42
122. Web designer & photographer Peter Brune, 45
123. Zeroku ice cream parlor owner, Tokuya Hirose, 82
124. fruit vendor, Takahiko Takahashi , 69
125. lobbyist for disabled people’s rights, Chiyoko Tanaka, 81
126. Albion Art Co. Ltd’ president, jeweler Kazumi Arikawa, 57
127. art group Enlightenment’s four members, 48, 30, 30, 26
128. nailist Chieko Ishijima, 25
129. cab driver, Shahidul Islam Khan, 40
130. milk vendors, Masayoshi and Haruko Yoshikawa 79 & 73
131. antique dealer Kunihiro Iida, 66
132. geisha Chikako Pari
133. Pac-Man creator, Toru Iwatani, 55
134. home helper, Takanori Katou, 68
135. His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, 75
136. chef Pierre Gagnaire, 60
137. Buddhist priest Shinno Yamasoba, 58
138. Endocrine Surgeon Dr. Koichi Ito, 52
139. Language teacher Kae Minami, 32
140. Fashion retailer Choichiro Motoyama, 89
141. Tsurunoyu onsen ryokan owner, Kazushi Sato, 63
142. Aiai founder, Chieko Awata, 68
143. Showa Women’s University President, Mariko Bando, 64
144. Hibiya Matsumotoro owner, Testuro Kosaka, 78
145. Part-time salesman/cleaner Seiji Date, 60
146. Cooking teacher, Kaori Baba 56
147. Itasha drivers Rei Densetsu and Cloud
148. Artist Yoshitaka Amano, 58
149. Dr. Arihisa Fujimaki, 67
150. Robocon founder Dr. Masahiro Mori, 84
151. Fashion designer Saleem d’Aronville
152. Maharaja Company president Emiko Kothari
153. Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner Hiroshi Mizohata, 50
154. Refugees International Japan President Jane Best
155. Monja-yaki restaurant owner Monoru Maruyama, 68
156. Chair of the Japanese Association for Suicide Prevention Yukio Saito, 75
157. Ondagumi president Chuya Onda, 68
158. Eriko Hiratsuka, 26
159. Ichifuji owners Midori and Takashi Nakao, 55 & 61
160. Japan Pom Pom cheerleaders founder Fumie Takino, 79
161. Eyewear designer Alain Mikli, 56
162. Professor Gregory Clark
163. Manager of Kurumi Mansion, Yasuo Sasano, 62
164. Polish journalist-designer-photographers Pawel Musialowski and Malgorzata Gajderowitz, 39 & 29
165. Part-time lecturer at Rikkyo University, Minae Inahara, 39
166. Social Media manager Lon Qing Xiang, 33
167. Japanese economist and Dean of Doshisha Business School, Noriko Hama
168. Hunter Shoji Kuramochi, 73 ]
169. Samurai-armor restorers Chizuru and Fumio Nishioka, 58 & 59
170. Bar Aoyagi owner Reiko Yoshimura
171. Benshi Midori Sawato
172. Rag-and-bone man Kei Ochiai
173. Carpenter Eiichiro Amakasu, 70
174. Kite artist Testuya Kishida, 89
175. Animal mimicry artist Edoya Nekohachi, 63

TV interviews and manga for the website tokkotai.jp:
I interviewed and filmed former ohka pilot, Mr. Hideo Suzuki, who was 86 at the time. This 24-minute documentary film which I produced, is on display in Tokyo’s Yasukuni Shrine’s Yushukan Museum and can also be seen, free of charge, on the website, tokkotai.jp with both Japanese and English subtitles. Please tune in!

Manga: I produced a bilingual (Japanese and English) manga book, titled “Ohka: The Human Bomb”
This manga is a mixture of fiction and fact. Though the characters and their stories are fictional, their experiences are inspired from the true-life accounts of the young men of the Tokkotai who gave their lives to protect their families and country. This manga story is steeped in historical fact and mirrors the accounts from interviews I conducted with several of the Ohka pilots who survived the war and lived to tell the world about it.
The book will hit bookstores in Japan soon! Check it out, please!

2009.5.2. Gekiron Mook, The World Loves Japan!
Part one of an interview taidan with former Chief of Staff of the Japan Air Self-Defense Forces, Toshio Tamogami and Gekiron Mook editor Kohyu Nishimura and me (Oak Mook 281)
2009.6. 8.Gekiron Mook, The World Japan Loved!
Part two of the conversation between Toshio Tamogami, Kohyu Nishimura and me (Oak Mook 284)

Theme Magazine, a New York-based art & design magazine’s Issue Number 18, 2009. Spring: Small Town Express
Profile: Tatsuo Asakura, A Train Conductor Saves his Beloved Town Train

Theme Magazine, Issue 21, 2010, Spring: Transitionists
Interview with members of the Tokyo Art Group, Enlightenment

2010.11.12-15th 11th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Hiroshima, Japan
Interviews the following six Nobel Peace Laureates:
His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama
Former President of South Africa, F. W. de Klerk
Former Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Mohamed ElBaradei
Northern Irish peace activist Mairead Corrigan Maguire;
Iranian human rights campaigner Shirin Ebadi
US activist Jody Williams, one of the leaders of the international campaign to ban land mines

テーマ:日本文化 - ジャンル:学問・文化・芸術

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Cherry is in full bloom in Tokyo!
That's right! Off to enjoy the sun, the 17 Celsius and the pretty cherry blossoms! Everyone, have fun! xoxox JK
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Futurist Morinosuke Kawaguchi in WIRED Japan
Brilliant interview with futurist Morinosuke Kawaguchi in WIRED Japan. Love it!!! Share, share, share!

Morinosuke Kawaguchi's interview in WIRED Japan
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Happy New Year!
Thank you for visiting this blog in 2012. Sorry for not having done much writing here but I hope you had read some of my interviews which featured wonderful people with lots of words to live by.

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